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Facial Threading

Threading is much less involved, but much more of an art. The only tool your professional will use is a thread. That’s it. The thread is then twisted around each other in a loop, in a triangle shape around their neck and sometimes their mouth. The part that actually removes the hair is where the two threads twist around each other between their fingers. This twisting action, when rolled over the skin, will pick up and rip out the hair from it’s follicle. Oh yes, and audience participation is required- you will need to hold your eyes and stick your tongue into your upper lip.

Facial Waxing

When you wax, a hard OR soft wax is applied to your face (lip, chin, eyebrow, sometimes sideburns). If it’s a hard wax, your aesthetician will wait for it to harden, if it’s soft then a cloth strip will be placed over the wax. Then, the wax is unceremoniously ripped off, taking with it all that unsightly facial hair.
Facial waxing is fairly quick, gets even the fine hairs, and can last weeks at a time if performed the right way. So before you go taking the warm gooey stuff near your face, we’ll tell you all you need to get longer lasting results, fight off redness and use the right products.

Medical Note !!

  • We cannot undertake any waxing if you are currently under any medication for skin disorders. Especially if you are taking Roaccutane or Rentinol based creams.